Wills, Trust And Probate

Our Wills, Trust and Probate Team, specialises in preserving wealth for individuals, couples and families through Wills, Trusts and inheritance tax planning for now and for future generations. As individuals and families, we all work hard and spend many years accumulating a safety net for our retirement in the form of property, savings and other assets.

Our Firm works with Clients to ensure that their savings and other assets are protected from unnecessary tax upon their death, thus preserving wealth for their dependants and future generations. This is achieved through the effective management of the probate process and guiding them through the complexities of inheritance tax planning laws, as well as helping them with the writing of their Will.

We all want to provide for our families as best we can and ensure that we minimise our tax liabilities. With the increasing growth in the value of our properties, the number of second families or other complex family arrangements, Clients at the very least need to put in place a Will or create a Trust ensuring that their assets will be administered in accordance with their wishes.

Our Firm assists in the administration of the estates of deceased individuals, liaising with relevant Courts and Government Agencies regarding the inheritance tax payable, applying for a grant of probate and subsequently distributing the estate and setting up any ongoing trusts contained in the will.

We will also encourage our clients to take advantage of the use of Trusts to manage their Estates be it simple or complex. We also deal with the day to day management of Trusts, ensuring that all relevant taxes are settled and the correct legal documentation is in place.

Our Team of Attorneys are well experienced in Probate and Inheritance Law and we offer a full range of legal services in this area.

Our Approach

As part of our process of managing our Clients and their transactions efficiently, our Managing Partner supported by other skilled Attorneys, will identify with the Clients from the beginning and those factors which our Clients consider to be primarily important for an expedited and successful conclusion of their brief. Our approach is to establish a core Team of Attorneys in each unit who will be responsible for each transaction, to ensure efficiency and the delivery of personalised service.