Real Estate Practice

When advice and guidance are required in connection with today's complex real estate transactions, there is no substitute for experience.

Our Team of skilled Attorneys have been independently recognised for their real estate acumen. Our Firm is the first choice for domestic and multi-national companies seeking legal advice for their real estate projects and advisory services. We provide fully integrated team approach to handle all areas of the real estate industry including complex property acquisitions, sales, finance, real estate development, leasing, construction and joint ventures. We have experience and expertise in land use issues, land allocation and the perfection of title to real estate property as well as advising on portfolio management.

Efficiency and experience are the hallmarks of our Real Estate practice. Our goal is to provide a value added service to our clients, by analysing the issues, solving problems, advising our clients and closing transactions as quickly and cost efficiently as possible.

Our Approach

As part of our process of managing our Clients and their transactions efficiently, our Managing Partner supported by other skilled Attorneys, will identify with the Clients from the beginning and those factors which our Clients consider to be primarily important for an expedited and successful conclusion of their brief. Our approach is to establish a core Team of Attorneys in each unit who will be responsible for each transaction, to ensure efficiency and the delivery of personalised service.