Loan Recovery/Litigation

We are competent at recovery of bad loans using diverse Legal /Alternative channels available. We have a Litigation practice manned by Attorneys of diverse experience in litigation at all level of Courts including Specialised Tribunals.

Understanding the Client's objectives and budgeting capabilities are foremost to us as our litigation Clients, who would include major Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Multinationals and Governments depend on us to resolve complex legal problems be cost effective and in a timely manner.

Our Approach

As part of our process of managing our Clients and their transactions efficiently, our Managing Partner supported by other skilled Attorneys, will identify with the Clients from the beginning and those factors which our Clients consider to be primarily important for an expedited and successful conclusion of their brief. Our approach is to establish a core Team of Attorneys in each unit who will be responsible for each transaction, to ensure efficiency and the delivery of personalised service.