Financial Advisory Practice

We provide general corporate financial advisory services on sundry banking other financial matters including but not limited to customer due diligence, drafting/review/update of template bilateral loan documentation and drafting/review/update of template security documents e.g. Pledge Agreements, Legal Mortgage Agreements, All Assets Debentures, Security Perfection, Financial Services regulation and Corporate Governance. Our expertise and experience ensure we apply global best practices in advising on domestic transactions.

Our Commercial practice will assist clients in all aspects of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, venture capital and private equity investments, structured finance, regulatory compliance and strategic transactional matters. We also advise on complex securities compliance, corporate governance, tax and executive compensation issues.

We provide Commercial Law services to Corporate Clients in the ordinary course of their day-to-day business and in special transactions requiring in-depth skills and expertise on Corporate and Commercial Law and Business. Though the Firm is newly formed, Our Managing Partner has vast experience in corporate transactions and our clients depend on us for the best legal advice in re-organising businesses and structuring complex transactions.

We provide niche advisory services on local and cross-border registration of corporate entities, regulatory guidance for new businesses, portfolio investments, corporate restructurings, business combinations and employment matters. These services include drafting and filing incorporation documents, registration with business regulatory authorities such as Federal and State authorities, corporate legal due diligence investigations, preparation, review and negotiation of corporate restructuring documentations and filing with regulatory bodies.

Our client's complex business and legal challenges are resolved by our multifaceted Practice Advisors who have handled and provided the documentation for a wide array of transactions including divestitures, recapitalisation, shareholder disputes, leverage buy--outs and share and assets acquisitions.

Our Approach

As part of our process of managing our Clients and their transactions efficiently, our Managing Partner supported by other skilled Attorneys, will identify with the Clients from the beginning and those factors which our Clients consider to be primarily important for an expedited and successful conclusion of their brief. Our approach is to establish a core Team of Attorneys in each unit who will be responsible for each transaction, to ensure efficiency and the delivery of personalised service.